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It took us far, FAR, longer to tell anyone about our pregnancy, somewhat understandably and so for awhile we didn’t even think about how we might tell people. When we did we had to deal with the whole etiquette that seems to come with all big life events.

We knew our parents needed to know first and ideally around the same time. We thought about getting family together for a meal and that didn’t seem to be practical. We were however going on holiday pretty soon with both sets of parents and my brother and sister, so that seemed a) to be a decent time with the majority there, and b) pretty impossible to hide for a week around all of them. So we made our plans..

When looking up “fun ways to tell people you’re pregnant” there were some cute ones, but a lot were very specific and possibly a little too subtle. I’m awful with subtle, I tend to get really impatient as people try to work out what I’m saying, and so that  wasn’t an option. I had some favourites but in the end we came up with something pretty perfect for our Apple-fanboy family.

Step 1. Make up for being bad kids on Father’s Day

We bought two Father’s-Day-like cards in the humour of our Dads. They were pub-humour age-humour and they seemed to enjoy them. We wrote the general message about how we were sorry we basically missed it.

Step 2. Create “Gift Certificate”

This was meant to be in the style of an iTunes card/print-out. Obviously it had some alterations! The text read:


One grandchild (minimum) can be redeemed on or around 19th January 2014. This date is not guaranteed and voucher is subject to grandchild’s chosen arrival date. Name of grandchild is determined by producer and will not be changed by holder of this voucher. When voucher is redeemed you will also have occasional responsibility for nappy disposal and cuddles. Voucher is only redeemable alongside appropriate chosen Grandparent name.

As well as reading like actual terms and conditions, we wanted to sweetly lay down a few boundaries, and offer a few amusing parts of the “deal” too.

iPregnant gift voucherWM

Step 3. Place “Gift Certificate” in card and wait

Step 4. Arrive in Corfu, order dinner, and make a little announcement

Thankfully Bear did this part as I’m pretty awful at making announcements anyway. So he stood up, said congratulations to my parents for their anniversary (day before our holiday), and let them know there were chocolates and wine in their room waiting for them. He then said that we had got two cards because we’d missed a lot of Father’s Day. He passed over the cards and waited. We suggested they could read/show the cards to the table..

Step 5. Enjoy bemused/shocked/confused/crying faces

After that Dad read out the “Gift Certificate” and mother-in-law cried and looked shocked and questioned it. Can’t remember much but once we explained we were over 12 weeks (therefore at least a little safer) things got more happy than just shocked.


We explained to our parents that even though we were safe we still didn’t quite feel comfortable telling everyone just yet and that meant keeping hush for now. Our scan was supposed to be after we got back so we wanted to get a little further on ourselves before spreading the word.

We got our scan and seeing them (just one mind!!!) wriggle and move made us feel far more confident about health and potential of them sticking around. That weekend we let Nannie know, told a few more family members, allowed parents to start the crazy chain of news, and told some close friends, before releasing the information via Facebook.

That was it. News was out and there was no going back.

Personally I think we did quite well in having some fun with it. There are plenty of examples of fun things to do, so go get some inspiration!

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