More Funny Conversations With Hubby

Continued from Funny Conversations With Hubby.

Here is a little more from my crazy marriage. So far we’ve been married a whopping 1 year 2 months and 3 days! The only reason there aren’t more “Funny Conversations” is because I tend to forget them whilst laughing at our ridiculousness. Enjoy!

B: Why do you keep wanting hugs? I thought you wanted food?
E: Well, I like you more than food?
B: Whaaa? That’s weird.
E: Don’t you like me more than food?
B: *silence*
E: *sad face*
B: It was always just going to be one of those things hunni..


B: (having just got himself a fibogel drink) *disgusted face*
E: Nice, right? *smirk*
B: *cringe face*
E: Like weak squash and jelly all mixed together.
B: It’s weak squash and dust!


B: Oh no… Sometimes when I get a cold, it’s just a cold. But every once in a while… I grow.
E: What do you mean?
B: Well as my head is brushing the beam (on the sloped bathroom ceiling), I’ve grown.
E: So what you’re saying is that your cells, instead of deciding to fight off the virus/bacteria/etc, has decided to make you bigger in order to scare the bugs away? I’ve got to write this down. (And so I did)
B: It happens! It’s happened before!


B: We could have a room full of mattresses and we could bounce from mattress to mattress!
E: OK…
B: They’d have to be 2 mattress deep though.
E: *strange look*
B: You haven’t thought this through?! Weirdo!


H: It wasn’t a promise, it was a threat!


B: *watching fireworks from the window*
Sometimes I do wonder if Birmingham just has a lot of gun crime..

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