A Few Things I Love About Pregnancy

Who doesn’t love Muppet babies?!

So you know I am pregnant, and you know that in general I believe pregnancy to be an annoying, frustrating, and full of pain and suffering. However, in the name of balance, not putting all women of having children, and keeping everyone up to date I thought I’d write down some of the amazing, fascinating and awesome things about pregnancy. So here it is:

  • not knowing who Cub is going to be.
  • imagining who Cub is going to be.
  • being forced into a healthier lifestyle and more exercise.
  • LITERALLY growing another human being inside my belly.
  • weirdly losing weight while pregnant, and then having ~9 lbs drop off right at the end – weirdest thing ever.
  • being able to have a belly and not feeling fat (most of the time).
  • my nails being stronger and longer than EVER
  • seeing someone’s heart beat inside of their chest.
  • having people say “You’re pregnant! You can get away with anything!” honestly.
  • husband getting me chocolate, just because.
  • being able to justify comfy clothing ALL THE TIME.
  • bonding over little characteristics of Cub (like the cheekiness/stubbornness of hiding gender from us).
  • the awesome replies I get from women having gone through some of the same thing and being able to help/comfort them a little.
  • there’s a reason for clearing out stuff that people mostly accept.
  • getting Bear used to poop by having a puppy!
  • experimenting with all sorts of food.
  • really questioning and considering our life from this point forward.
  • fun advice like this (click here).
  • thinking of all the Muppet faces Bear will make at our baby.
  • talking to my belly; it’ll either make me look crazy or … crazy but I don’t care.
  • the idea that I could give birth in something that looks like a spa with Bear running around getting me whatever I need.
  • understandably justifying naps.
  • the AMAZING eco-friendly hand-crafted toys and clothing out their for new bumps!
  • the fact that reusable nappies, which were normal pre-1970’s, are now both vintage and fashionable.
  • designing my own kids clothing and blankets.
  • having the strangest dreams imaginable (other than the scary disturbing ones).
  • feeling incomprehensibly attached to my wonderful husband.
  • finding awesome new music to play at my belly to maybe, possibly, if you believe it, increase their intelligence.
  • the support I’m getting from some beautiful people I know.
  •  being involved with the Motherhood Diaries.
  • having a valid reason to watch Midwifery shows, that isn’t just to say “OMGosh OUCH!”
  • the amusing faces that people give me when I suggest I might travel with a small baby.
  • having scan pictures so I can see noses and body parts of someone completely new.

I will be adding more (hopefully) as I go along and now I hope my dear friends and family won’t think I’m always complaining.

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