Divided We Fall…

Hello everyone, had a good year?

I’m not going to lie and suggest 2016 has been a good year; for many it hasn’t. The world has lost some incredibly inspiring people, seen conflict we hoped had ended in 1948, and fought over political decisions that show how divided our values and perspectives have become in the west (and/or how scared people react when pressed).

Yet, it would also be a lie to say 2016 is cursed, is somehow to blame for the problems we’ve seen, or is even the worst it could have been. 2016 is just a year in history, “just one f***ing thing after another”. According to research the number of celebrity deaths may also continue to flood our news from this point forward, so in this regard it’s not likely to get better.

Even so, I have personally enjoyed some beautiful moments in my life this year: after a lot of hard work and many tears shed I finished my Masters degree and dissertation (with distinction thank-you-very-much). I also saw the house I’ve been working on built, moved into it, and we’re currently working out the kinks. I saw my best friend marry someone utterly wonderful for her, someone I believe has helped her accept the kind of love I always knew she needed and deserved. I also received my second child into my life, a child I feared I had lost back in April, and has come tearing in with her own little personality and brightness. I have cried over a lot this year, have been heartbroken by the news – images and sounds of war and violence and intolerance – but I have also cried tears of joy and pride over goodness and love.

It is with this complexity and context I come back to writing. What has come before is still there but has been a little reorganised and may be re-edited at some point. What comes next? I hope I will be able to offer some practical solutions to the horror we see around us. I hope to offer some positivity into some heavy and negative topics. I hope to start some projects to better my life and the world around me. Clearly this isn’t easy but I hope you join me in some of the plans I have for our time ahead.

My projects so far are:

Theology: Having finished my masters I still need to keep my brain working and share a little of my passion with others. This one may well be free flowing so keep your eyes open.

Books: I hope to pay some of my privilege forwards by reading, reviewing and redistributing the books in my life. I have far too many on my shelves and I will be fighting my book-hoarding to spread the joy.

Plastics: The world is in trouble and I need to try something, anything, to help it survive for my children after me. Bit by bit I will be finding alternatives and ideally I will be sharing my successes – this may include children’s activities which use the remnants… maybe.

Life: Motherhood, creative work, and the miscellaneous realities of the day-to-day can be hard, fun, complex, confusing, and so much more. I am not a Mommy-Blogger, nor am I a renowned theologian, nor a published author, a chef, fashionista, or vlogger. I am only myself struggling from day to day, dealing with inner demons, over-analysing everything, and wondering if anyone is listening or needing to know they are not alone. You are not alone.

As I’ve already said, life is complex, our world seems to be getting more confusing at every turn, but when we are divided – into more and increasing smaller sections of society, individualistic and isolated – we fall. I am not willing to give up right now. Instead this blog is going to be part of my attempt to build bridges, to share, to trust, to encourage and promote.

Divided we fall, and although we are not quite united, love can reach across even the greatest of cavities.

You are welcome to join me in my attempt.

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