Changes, Big Ones

Over the last couple of weeks a number of big changes have been decided upon. We have thought and prayed and thought some more and decided eventually on three big changes in our lives.

1. Moving . We will be moving closer to Bear’s work which will cut down massively on his commute (by about an hour and a half) which will hopefully allow him to get a bit more rest time, and feel less exhausted when he works late. Alongside that we’ll be moving into the country, which for a rural girl like me is amazing! Don’t get me wrong – Birmingham has been great for so many reasons and I do have the reservoir and greenery around me, but there is something special about having more grass than concrete, and more trees than houses. It’s only been about 9 months since we moved down to Birmingham, and we were not planning on moving (even a little) this soon, but that’s life.

2. Leaving My Admin Job. As we’ll be moving much further away, and with that it seems pretty silly to travel for almost two hours to do four hours of work and then travel another 2 hours home. I’m leaving after a shorter time than I imagined but I do feel it’s the right time. A lot has happened in the last couple of months and it strange how life can sometimes make priorities incredibly clear. My priority is my husband in this area and if he needs some rest and to be closer to a job he likes and is doing well in, then me doing admin isn’t a good enough reason to stay. If he had asked 3 months ago my view would b very different. Having college as well was important to me and having a job and somewhere to go each day was important. Seeing as my brain isn’t working in the same way due to stress recently, giving up college and work for a while works fine because when I’m getting more frustrated over my work than I normally would the good feeling is being slowly stripped from it.

3. Art. As I’ll not be working I’ll need something to do and actually I think timing and life and priorities has really shown my passions a little clearer. I need to be creative. I was told by a very wise man that I am an “A to B person”, by this he meant that when I think of something or imagine it I need to make it happen, the ideas needs to be incarnated. Alongside this both my sister and one of my best friends basically said that I come to life when doing/talking about/working on art. This may sound like a small thing in a world of options but actually they are right, art is something that I have never really given myself a chance to explore because I was never completely sure I would succeed (whatever that means!). What I’ve realised is that if I don’t try now I will likely never have the lack of responsibility or excess of time. I don’t know what this will result in but I have chosen to be brave enough to leap into it.

All these three things are big changes: moving to a new location, quitting stable job I have, setting up a new business. Most people only ever take on one (or maybe two) of these at once but all three, well feels crazy. It could be, but again I have to try and it’s the most free I have found in years.

The other thing which may tip the crazy balance and make people worry about whether I’m going through an early mid-life crisis is that I’m going to be cutting my hair soon, and cutting about 10-14 inches off it. I’m doing this to donate to a charity called Little Princesses. More on this to come.

If you have any advice as to how to take on these new situations and challenges I would love to hear them in the comments.

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