Baptism: Tasty Ambitions


I’ve been meaning to write about the tasty recipes we planned out for the baptism, and decided that this week is as good as any to be dedicated to all things delicious.

Copyright Iain Challis Photography 2014.
Copyright Iain Challis Photography 2014.

Yesterday, was for the pumpkin cake (which also had a fond place on our table for Cub’s celebration, blueberries included); today I thought I’d go through some of the yumminess for the baptism, most of which was as simple as can be:

Platters: spreading various food across bread and cheese boards always looks so pretty and bright. It is often also a really useful way to offer people a choice whilst doing very little preparation. We had a number of bought breads alongside my father-in-laws tear-n-share varieties – it didn’t last long! There was cheese, meats, fish, and a huge array of fruit. My thought was that by keeping the majority of food provided light and healthy we could enjoy the summer more – hot stodgy food doesn’t help in the heat.

Salad: making a variety also helped here because we could use a number of green leaves, dressings, etc. One particular favourite is using bought stir fry mix, full of beansprouts, bamboo, and peppers, mixed with a little garlic mayo, yoghurt, and wholegrain mustard. It has a tasty crunch with more interest than you get in your average coleslaw. We also made a grilled chicken salad with chicory & toasted ciabatta croutons with caesar dressing on the side.

Dishwasher Salmon: This is a tip from my Mum for cooking a whole salmon for a party. The easiest way to do it, especially if it can be chilled/served at room temperature is to cook it in the dishwasher. You can get whole salmon descaled and cleaned, then you just fill it with fresh herbs and butter, adding some around it (I used Lemon Thyme, Bay Leaves & Dill. Wrap in a number of layers of tinfoil, sealing it in a package. Then by placing it in an empty dishwasher, with no soap, and running it as usual it creates a water bath around the salmon cooking it perfectly. It is best to do this overnight, so it is left to cool after it has drained. When you unwrap the salmon, simply remove the skin. You should find it soft and full of flavour. Put on a large plate, add a few herbs around for decoration; I also had some samphire, an amazing seaweed like green that Dad had found by chance at a farmers’ market, which went around the salmon as a side. You should find it soft and full of flavour.

These simple provisions were lovingly and kindly added to by our guests; our table was full to bursting with cake, biscuits, puddings, crisps, welshcakes, sausage rolls, quiche, and so much more. People are amazing and it was a wonderful collection of generosity.

Tomorrow we will follow this with one of my favourite and tastiest cravings: cake!

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