Baptism: Summer Decor

Design copyright EKMCronin 2014.
Design copyright EKMCronin 2014.

There were a number of things I got on with when it came to the Baptism Celebration to make sure everything would look good. We wanted things to be simple, but also playful and colourful; in the end we stuck pretty closely to a design I used for the invitations, from the Facebook event, to the food labels, and onto the Order of Service, the continuity made things feel far more organised and together than any other event I’ve ever planned… including our wedding.

Our main image was, however, originally taken from our wedding:

Bunting: we included this on the invitations, and hung it in the garden where we held the ceremony and celebration over the gazebo. It seemed to highlight the summer colours and atmosphere we were hoping for, represent the celebratory mood rather than a purely religious idea, and was a simple enough design to be repeated easily.

A few volunteers hung it in the morning (after giving it a quick iron to get the creases out) and it will be returned to decorating Cub’s room very soon.

The other cute, slightly childish, addition I made to the decor was:

PinwheelsPinwheels: I’ve never exactly been a fan but the idea of having something that kids love at an event for a baby’s Baptism seemed right. I thought it would be nice o be able to wander round with her and have her appreciate the simplicity of spinning colours and patterns.

Pinwheels are the easiest things to make (I found instructions here) and I added a little interest by printing black & white (transparent really) patterns onto coloured paper on one side. This meant that when they were finished the inside would be slightly different from the outside. These were put on spare bamboo sticks we had lying around in the shed and then poked into the ground near flowerbeds. Although not perfectly spinning in the breeze, I still really appreciated the extra colour.

Nature: being outside the natural embellishments of flowers, trees and colourful vine plants were the most beautiful decoration we could have hoped for. My lovely parents had been digging and planting for a couple of weeks on and off and it all turned out wonderfully.

With a flower being used in the service we connected the Baptism with the waters of creation, the same creation we were surrounded by. We didn’t need a building to worship, or a man-made structure to show us beauty – we had it right there. It seems this is a tradition we seem to be making for ourselves – that of having the biggest moments in our lives outside under the sky with anyone and everyone that might want to join us.

Design copyright by EKMCronin 2014.
Design copyright by EKMCronin 2014.

I think continuity definitely helped me in the planning, but also came together really nicely in the day as a whole. It is a useful trick; by picking one image or idea you don’t need to try to match things too much, you just follow the same colours. On the other hand, our theme was colourful which meant basically everything matched!

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