Are Jamaican Me Pancakes?

Banana Pancakes (lactose- & egg-free) with Lime and Sugar

Today was Shrove Tuesday in the UK. Shrove Tuesday is the day preceding Ash Wednesday which starts Lent, traditionally where there would be ritual-fasting, particularly of certain foods. Now this works wonderfully when you like pancakes, but it works even better when actually you don’t have much money, and no eggs in the house, and so in order to have those yummy pancakes you must experiment.

And that we did!

My husband and I do not have eggs in the house, which was annoying because we had a huge amount of gradually worse-for-wear bananas that I would’ve happily made into banana muffins had I had the eggs. So instead we decided to make pancakes hoping that the gluey-ness of the squashed banana would hold the mixture together like eggs would.

So we set to experimenting. I skinned all the bananas and squashed them, added a good dose of flour to attempt a kind of paste to which I would add milk. We used Goats Milk for my sake due to a rather nasty lactose intolerance which makes them extra healthy and won’t give me any trouble whatsoever! Yay! The paste, though, didn’t exactly work; but once I had added milk I had a somewhat lumpy (but only due to bits of banana) sticky liquid. I also added a little baking powder which seemed to be in a number of egg-less recipes.

So we tested that out and the result was a slightly strange texture of Scotch pancake (a smaller, thicker, more puffed up type of pancake). It didn’t quite seem right and my dear husband is flipping fussy and wanted the thinner pancakes we tend to make here in the UK. So we added a lot more milk and a little caster sugar and the result was a nice thin, yet still lumpy, liquid which was much easier to swirl around the pan.

The results were wonderful: soft, with a slight crisp edge, a little air in pockets, lightly banana flavoured, thin, hot pancake, which just so happened to be full of fruit and vitamins, lactose-free, and egg-free, all of which is pretty cool!

Nice and crispy rolled up - just how I like it!

Yet there was still something missing, an acid normally found in the form of lemon juice – alas! We had no lemon, but we did have lime, and so a miracle was born. Due to the colour of the ingredients and the general feel that we could have been eating those ingredients on a beach somewhere – the name was given: Jamaican Pancakes. If you really wanted to go a little further I’m pretty sure brown sugar and a dash of rum would be beautiful!

We ate many heartily and became full, and tomorrow morning we are going to eat some more. Well that’s what happens when you have 10 bananas you decide to turn into pancakes – you eat well for a long time!

So they went down rather nicely.. we definitely had enough

The reason I don’t actually have a recipe for you is because I haven’t used a recipe for pancakes for years, I tend to go by texture. I would actually recommend this technique as sometimes you can do far better than any strangers cookbook recipe. As a basic list though my ingredients were:

Bananas (lots and squished… you could probably do this in food processor if you didn’t want any lumps)
Flour (a good dollop, and enough to cover banana stuff easily)
Milk (added until right consistency for your liking)

Lime and sugar to add

Rum and brown sugar to luxuriate in the awesomeness!

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