A Few Things I Hate About Pregnancy


I have been compiling this over the last couple of months mainly to stop myself ranting at my husband when he gets home and partly to just say: pregnancy is not fun. Of course, big changes, reasons for it all, fat little life-changing baby at the end, but oh-my-gosh it’s been pretty crap. I also know that many women go through faaaaar worse! So here’s the one and only ranting list of woes I’m ever hoping to post about pregnancy.

  • not knowing how I’m going to feel day to day
  • loving peanut butter one day, it making me gag the next
  • feeling like a blob (more than usual)
  • all my work on diet and exercise suddenly meaning nothing
  • chocolate making me feel sick
  • not being able to eat yummy rare steak
  • yearning for amazing rare steak
  • needing to pee ALL THE TIME
  • everything making me cry
  • EVERYTHING MAKING ME CRY (an Apple advert… ?!!? >.<)
  • staying in bed gets old fast
  • getting out of bed causes dizziness and more of EVERYTHING
  • the kitchen making me nauseous
  • constant nightmares about miscarriage… or sex (awkward!)
  • planning meals and budget meaning nothing as I can’t eat anything predictable
  • trying to figure out what to wear with a slightly growing waistline
  • flipping acronyms!
  • sleeping all the time
  • never feeling productive
  • feeling like a bad wife
  • not getting as much (if any) artwork done
  • moving hurts at least 3 areas of the body at a time
  • being told by sales people that I need 101 items or my baby will die/grow up deformed/have no brains
  • having a countdown to PAIN
  • everything being pink or blue
  • gingernut biscuits apparently not being a proper source of ginger to stop nausea
  • feeling anti-social when I feel too bad to hang out
  • having a bike and being told my balance is off so I shouldn’t ride
  • when I throw up due to heat stroke, people assume its all healthy and normal: it’s not. It sucks.
  • not being allowed to scuba dive on holiday
  • my dear lovely husband worrying about everything that might be fun to do incase it hurts me and/or baby
  • bras are REALLY expensive! and they will fit for 2 weeks-2 months maybe..
  • not feeling up to writing or doing anything for sooooooo long
  • the assumption from a small few that my life is over – it’s 2013 people!
  • nausea being replaced with very painful bloating
  • apparently not liking onions/peppers/bread/cake/pastry/sweet potato/(enter yummy food here) anymore – weird
  • the etiquette order of who you tell, in what order, how, and when… far too much fuss
  • the idea that maternity wear is automatically floral, pastel and ultra feminine… I’ll take my indian baggy pants over them any day!
  • everything being American-centric..
  • crying all the time!
  • going off Oreos – WHAAAAAAA?!?
  • having to taking big vitamin pill thing every day

I’m sure I’ll find more as we go on, but pregnant women of the world, by all means rant away in the comments (try not to personally attack anyone though.. we still have standards in Hormone World).

But one awesome thing:


For now they are called Little Cub. Say hello everyone!

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  1. Marie says:

    but that one awesome thing is one of the amazing things that will ever happen to you and all those things you hate won’t matter x

  2. Bec says:

    you should update your ‘about me’ section. You aren’t moving to Birmingham shortly, unless I am mistaken!

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