Two Years of Writing


I have been writing on this blog for two years. That is astounding to me because when I signed up I really hesitated in publishing anything publicly just incase it was a waste of time and I dropped it too fast. I can’t say those two years have been easy, or that I have written as regularly and consistently as I hoped I would, but I think it has done me good, and I hope people have at least found a little goodness in it.

I am still planning a massive redesign to properly define what this is all about, and hopefully with a little more humility than last times’ branding. I hope to continue to be as honest as possible but OMGOSH I hope things get better and you don’t have to hear more sad stories about hard times. Wouldn’t it be nice to share in a little joy?

So for everyone who has been supporting me so far: thank you! You can expect more creativity, life lessons (even if completely useless), more God talk/theologian ramblings, and hopefully a little funniness. In the meantime:


Fun facts about 2013:

  • The second highest post (two years running I think) has been Does Post-Modern Church Architecture Miss The Point? This was one of my earliest posts and I never expected to get so much continuous attention… I’m hoping it’s for a good reason.
  • A large number of searches that direct to my blog have been for “awesome couches”… who knows why.
  • The second biggest referrer is my Alma Mater, the University of St Andrews, which I am honoured by due to my posts on depression. I’m hoping it has been useful and continues to tell people they are not alone.
  • I have reached a massive 94 countries worldwide (and just under 9000 people), these include war zones and places I yearn to visit one day. So here’s a shout out to my foreign supporters! Thank you!

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