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Strangely the first time I met Jon must have been through Bear, although I knew of him through friends, friends of friends, and church. Stranger still was despite sharing these circles at least in part for at least a few years, it was only really when I was moving hundreds of miles away, and most contact was through the interwebs, that we really became friends, and since then it has been a solid, reliable, and immensely educative friendship. He is now Godfather to my second wonderful daughter (and in very good company I must add).

Jon Greenaway, also known by his pseudonym TheLitCritGuy, is easily one of the most amazing brains I know. I would happily question, listen, and read about his work and knowledge base for hours, but at no point has he made me feel stupid or below him. This man is simply brimming with his passion and love of his subject (and much around it) that he seems to enjoy talking about it, and it’s infectious. You walk away feeling that you can do amazing things too, rather than just knowing he can.

This encouragement has been such a huge blessing to me. From the earliest days of our friendship he has checked in on my writing, study, and work, nudging me gently to pick it up again, push myself into the limelight a little more, and take a bit more credit. It’s a wonderful characteristic to have: encouragement, and comes from a big heart. His political leanings also come from that place as he aims to protect the vulnerable and treat all with respect and care whoever they are.

I still remember the impact he had on me when writing about the need for men to be feminists, the concern and duty he felt to stand up for the best ethics. He refused to allow all men to be pulled down by the actions and words of a few misogynists, nor would be stand by and see women he respected and cared for downtrodden by a flawed system. I cried reading his words and felt a sudden hope. This intelligent caring man could have an amazing impact on the world. I still believe that.

His wife is also a pretty big fan of his, and she’s incredible too, so I trust her judgement.

I decided to write this to ask you, the public, anyone reading this who believes in rewarding goodness, to support him in his future endeavours. His pet project, TheLitCritGuy, came out of sharing his knowledge about Literary Criticism on twitter in fascinating bitesize pieces, and since he has taught online courses, written two e-books, written for the Guardian, and was quoted in another few, and just completed his PhD at Manchester Metropolitan University with a thesis entitled: Language of the Sacred – The Nineteenth-Century Gothic Novel and Imaginative Apologetics. He deserves a lot more than he has ever been paid (and will admit that’s the curse of academia currently) but there is something we can do about it.

Jon introduced me to Patreon and encouraged me to set myself up on it. He was also generously my first patron. He is wonderful. He also loves to share knowledge and gives what he has. If you want to become a patron and support him, do it now! No matter how much you can offer, you get everything. Reviews, academic work, basically a free education, and a person who really cares and communicates with those who support him.

Other ways you can follow his career (for when he’s famous and being dragged around the world to speak about his many books and no-one can get him on the phone for more than five minutes) include: to support, patron-ise, enjoy, and communicate with the man himself!
Twitter @TheLitCritGuy for honest but decent commentary on everything literary criticism. for work, Jon’s life perspective, how to read more, and general interest. for easy updates, amusing memes, and a selection of shared articles. for lighter hit of academia and cat photographs.
and even for mainly photographs of books, cats, and beautiful spaces.

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