My Promise to the People of Scotland

Copyright EKMCronin 2013.
Copyright EKMCronin 2013.

I am a British woman with very little power. I am a British woman with one vote and only my life to give. I am a British woman with a faith in God and a love of Scotland, and so I promise to the people of Scotland the following:

I promise not to forget you when Westminster asks for my vote.
I promise to stand with you to stand up for the rights of the poor and marginalised when arrogance and elitism threaten to ignore you.
I promise to never assume you are English, Northern Irish, or Welsh, and give you the credit you deserve for being truly Scottish.
I promise to work hard to deserve to join you in the future, and then to work hard to keep your country great.
I promise to honor your history, people, and future with my actions and speech.
I promise to pray for you, with you, particularly for wounds to be healed.
I promise to be braver in the face of financial obscurities and uncertainty, braver on behalf of those who have no voice or are not being heard.
I promise to remind you of the amazing efforts you went through on the 18th September 2014, remind you that your views truly matter, and that you can change a nation.
I promise to embrace all your diversity and complexity and hold it in awe in my heart as the nearest thing to home I have ever felt.
I promise to teach my children to respect difference, to protect freedom, and to speak with the courage the Scottish people have shown in the last 2 years.

I may be grateful to Scotland for staying with Britain, but even if they had chosen Independence my family and I would have stood with them. That decision was made at 1am before we slept, before waking up to votes coming in at 4am, and before the result was announced early this morning. I’m sure there is much more to promise, and I will try hard to do my best come what may.
For now I will just pray, for God’s will be done, for mercy and grace in our hearts, and in love.

Here’s a quick lesson to the rest of the world: never underestimate a Scot; they can change the world.

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