Pennies: A Testimony

So today I’m sitting in a room where my good friend just stuck a penny to a wall by asking for Jesus. I am a Christian and I trust Him so I believed my friend when he told me this had been happening and being an evangelism tool over the last few months. Even so when I saw the penny stick to my wall, my own penny out of my little pink change pig, my own wall in my flat where he has never been before, I was amazed.

Now I’m sitting here reminding myself that a penny is nothing. I have a testimony of being chased for years, in fact the majority of my life. I was baptised as a baby, and at the age of eight purposefully gave up wanting to be Christian. I say purposefully because I made a decision, and it was based on pain and anger and sadness but it at least felt like a calm rational decision. I was eight but I was a smart eight year old.

Things went down hill, I won’t go into details, but I ended up being a very depressed teenager with a lot of relationship issues with a lot of people. My sister had prayer for me years later, that God might help me and guide me back. I’m not sure she even realises how big a prayer that was, but she does now. That was the first penny sticking to the wall. Just a little thing with a big purpose.

I met Boo (nickname) who had arguments with me about God, and it got to a point I thought we’d decided to agree to disagree, or that she had finally given up on me. In the meantime I was the militant atheist that attempted to argue people out of their faith. God didn’t fit in my worldview, it simply didn’t work to suggest His presence, it didn’t make sense, at all. Boo hadn’t given up, she was part of the chase, in fact had been getting those within her church to pray for me. That was the second penny sticking to the wall.

Boo was getting baptised, and had invited me and another friend to give me some agnostic/atheist support. I stood there wanting to support my friend but not taking any of it seriously. In comparison, Fee (nickname) was shocked by everything she saw, not in a bad way but as if something was sinking in, as if she was being changed right their in her seat. This girl who I had had no concerns about gaining a faith became a Christian within weeks. Third penny. (And a pretty massive chest of gold in her life!)

This p****d me off. I did not want to be losing the argument. In response I distanced myself from it all, from them and was close to losing my friendship. It was a pretty bad time in my life. Fee planned to get baptised a year or so later, and dutifully I went along a second time.

God hit me. I mean I was sitting in a chair, and I couldn’t figure anything out. I was not my normal arrogant self and I was not confidently wiping away all this stuff around me, all these things that people were saying. My Nanna shot through my mind, who she was, my relationship with her, and with her my decision to give up on God. At the same time someone was speaking in church words that fitted every image. Penny.

Everything was being tipped on it’s end and I was trying to grab any truth I could still keep, any worldview pieces that I could keep, hold to, keep in my comfortable philosophy of humanity. I had to test what was happening, I couldn’t just accept what was happening as being connected to church. So I decided to go back, to test. Penny.

On my journey back, in the train station was the words: “God did not send His only son to condemn the world, but to save it.” Penny.

Then I found the New Testament given to me by Nanna at my baptism on my bed, which my mum had found and put there. The words inside basically said to give faith a chance. Penny. A ton of pennies.

The next week when I stepped onto the platform to head to church I had two chocolate bars (that was pretty cool) come out of a vending machine with “Believe” on the covers. Penny.

From that point on God kept proving Himself to me. He didn’t need to. But He did. Penny after penny stuck to my wall. Today I was reminded of it all. That is my reason for changing my life, my mind, my plan, my world. It changed to His world. All for pennies.

A penny is tiny. Imagine how much more God can do.

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