I'm Not A Minimalist But…


I am a realist. If something has a real sentimental attachment to something then I understand keeping it, even if you don’t have a massive use for it. What I don’t understand is holding onto stuff you don’t have room for, don’t have an emotional attachment for, and isn’t useful. At that point I would far rather sell, give or donate an item than store it.

I don’t like clutter. Right now I feel like I own more clutter than I’d like. Although my house doesn’t have a huge amount of stuff, it also doesn’t have a huge amount of room. We have tried to make the most of the space and on a budget we managed to furnish it the best we could. It is still a working progress but I love waiting a while, resisting the temptation to just buy new, and finally finding that item that you’ve been hoping to find.

One such instance is my search for bedside tables. Bear and I tend to have at the very least our phones and a drink next to us, and with a tall bed it was getting annoying reaching down to the floor (hoping not to known the glass over) to grab a drink. We also hadn’t found a matching pair, and I had been watching Freecycle boards and popping into local charity shops pretty regularly. Wonderfully our friend Richard, completely oblivious to our need, came to our rescue. He happened to be dropping in and was also in the process of trying to clear out his Grandmother’s house. He asked if there was anything we might need if it was available. I immediately said bedside tables. Within a couple of days, two beautiful, old, dark wood pieces had been put in place.

They fit perfectly for the colour of the wood our bed is made of, are the perfect height and have a small draw, and open section and a small cupboard which is great for my bedtime reading collection, etc. They also have these gorgeous Tudor rose-like handles which I can’t imagine finding anywhere.

Sure they might be a little scratched and discoloured, but they are perfect for me and our home. We were also given a lovely little storage box in a similar style which has filled a space I had long wondered about, can store all the extraneous sleeping bags, etc and looks wonderful.

Other awesome items that we got for free, and just needed to wait a little longer for included a large dresser which is now happily storage for our tiny spare room/guest room. We also managed to grab a lovely TV unit which, although I would still say was a little bulky, does a great job in holding all of Bears game equipment, wires, etc. It definitely did the job of replacing it’s plastic box predecessor!

As I said, my house is still a work in progress. We are still clearing stuff we don’t use, and working out how we can use the space more efficiently. But that is what is so great about places like Freecycle, and the British Heart Foundation charity shops, and good ol’ patience.

I’m not one for clinging onto items that don’t get used. On the other hand I don’t like pure white rooms with no personality. What I aim for is practical and personal eclectic style. I’ll let you know if I get there!

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  1. jesswyatt says:

    Elle! You need to watch kirstie allsopp’s new programme! It is all about getting stuff for free 🙂

    1. EKMCronin says:

      Bear & I even applied for it! Not surprised a rental didn’t get picked though and I already knew about freecycle so not much educational value in us. 🙂

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