It's Not Christmas Yet!


This article was originally meant for Knowle Parish Magazine (which if in the area you should buy) but actually I still believe lots of it can simply move location. If you don’t have canals, try woodland, hills, marsh land – it’s all worth seeing in beautiful sunshine and then at least if you walk you’re not going to get as sweaty. With everything else, having driven a hundred miles recently I can tell you there’s still plenty to do EVERYWHERE! So get on with it!!!

According to the media there is around 100 days till Frosty the Snowman invades our ears and Christmas rears its stress-inducing head. On behalf of families everywhere I am rebelling, and thought I’d list things we can do before we return to patterned jumpers and layers of blankets.

Enjoy a cream tea.

A simple pleasure in the sunshine can make you dream of hot tennis players and cool swimming sessions, and personally anyone who tries to talk me out of my second helping of clotted cream and jam is fighting a losing battle. If the kids don’t understand this sophistication then hand them a fruit juice lolly and accept the t-shirt stains that will follow.

Go for a walk.

In and around Knowle we are blessed with beautiful countryside, weaving canal towpaths and some pretty fantastic pubs to quench your thirst. Why not earn yourself a pint or cool cocktail by taking that fluffy friend or bouncing child for a walk and enjoying the sunshine and greenery. Take your camera along, pick some fruit, and make some memories!


Why not visit the local heritage sites or national trust areas? Warwick Castle is just a short drive away, there are pretty gardens full of flowers dotted across the countryside, and you can pretend to be regal whilst walking around houses and snooping on the deceased residents’ belongings.

Taste adventure.

With so much tastiness around it’s well worth taking a trip on your tastebuds. Solihull’s Food Fayre promises a great selection of the regions top producers and the mini tasters will keep curious fingers happy! If you’d rather not risk blowing your weekly food budget, why not simply make a tasty fruit smoothie or crunchy salad to keep a little bit of summer close?


There are so many sports to take advantage of from tennis, to cricket, to diving into grass stains after a frisbee. Getting outside is a great part of the summer and there are still lots of opportunities. Want more variety? Head to Solihull’s Fun in the Park for an all-encompassing family day out!

For those of you still worrying about all things festive, start by just having a little fun stalking Pinterest for all the crazy crafts you could do to make your yuletide extra special. Meanwhile, I’ll be enjoying fajitas and a dog walk… just before it rains. It may be summer but we’re still British!

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