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just-theology-694x382The Just Theology Symposium is an event I am hoping to take a group of Rayleigh Vineyarders too this year and while praying and thinking about this I collected some thoughts together. Some of this I have already spoken about at Rayleigh Vineyard, but I felt that it might be relevant to someone out there too.

If you think Theology isn’t for you talk to me.
If you feel overwhelmed or confused by it or like you don’t know enough talk to me.
It’s not true.
In nothing else do we expect to know everything; the mass of information about God is meant to be exciting rather than scary. When we pray, when we get a word of wisdom or a prophetic point we don’t expect for that to give us everything there is to know, it’s the bit we need to know right now. When we learn, and use our brain to know more about God it’s a journey and will take time. It will be something we learn a bit about and then a bit more.
We will never know it all but that’s because God is God!

No-one should feel theology is beyond them.
The study of God is just a chance to go deeper with Him. The only difference between people you might perceive as theologians is you think they know it all and they know they do not.
The deeper you go with God the more He stretches out and reveals more.
It is not about intelligence, you don’t need to have a particular vocabulary. You need to be willing to use your mind, as well as body and soul, to worship God.

Everyone can do this, my degree does not make me better at this, I just chose to do it for more of my time whilst everyone else was choosing an actual career path!
It’s the equivalent of a teenager praying to avoid homework.

If you are reading your Bible, even just one passage, you are doing biblical exegesis.
If you are talking, praying and trying to act out what God says in your public and private lives you are doing practical theology.
If you are praying, praising and getting to know God you are DOING Theology.
There should be no-one that feels they are unable – you are not. God is there for you and this is just a route into deeper knowledge of someone who loves you so much.

God is inviting more of us into know him deeper, and theology is just a door that’s available, please come chat to me if you want to answer.

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