Golden Nugget: Genesis

At Rayleigh Vineyard we get people to give small (2-3 minute) talks on a theme, sharing their personal thoughts on the bible, and being a little bit of extra theology and bible study to get people thinking. We call this a Golden Nugget.
I thought I would share mine occasionally as they a big bit of theology I do on a regular basis and are good practice for preaching. You can check out the Golden Nuggets and Sunday preaches via the website here.

This weeks theme: what page from the Bible would you take to a desert island.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

“In the beginning”?
In it?
That to me seems like time is seen as something physical to God, like He’s stepping into the pool of time, the deep bit, He’s getting IN it.
That’s how big God is.
That’s how confusing God is.
That’s how incredibly awe-inspiring God is.
He was IN the beginning, forming it out of Himself.
Right at the beginning, something we can’t even completely imagine, something that is before the Big Bang, something so far only known as having a sound, so far back we can’t quite get our minds around the millions of years involved.

Elohim: literally translated as a plural, a trinity of God, a being and yet three persons, Christ included before we knew Him as Christ.

God “created”.
Something we only do with other objects, tools and media, He did out of nothing;
With a sound,
with His voice,
commanding it into being,
everything we are out of nothing.
Not even dust and then,

“The heavens and the earth”?!
We don’t know about even a speck of what that is.
The heavens, the stars, planets, moons, dust clouds, landscapes we will never even glimpse at, all laid out and then detailed down to the tiniest pieces of an atom.
All laid out, ready for its journey into all the potential we were formed with.
All that time and space and opportunities and so many other creations to interact with.

Page 1, Genesis 1, verse 1.
“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

That should keep my mind busy for a while sitting alone on a desert island.

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  1. Bec W says:

    Something of God dwelling with us – Emmanuel – in the decision to be ‘in’ the beginning…would also be quite a challenge to continue seeing the creation which no doubt would provide constant challenge and creativity as the proactive decision of Elohim I reckon!

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