Chasing the Wild Goose


It was once suggested that following the Holy Spirit was like chasing a wild goose. Celtic monks would do this physically, following God across the landscape, moving when they were told to move.

What I hadn’t realised until recently is this speedy, super fast, almost instant; you are told to react to a command immediately and you are barely able to think on it. It may often feel inconvenient or embarrassing but sometimes that’s just something you must push through to obey.

For me, this has resulted in some amazing and experiences, ones that have built me up, but not always huge impressive stories. Ones that reminded me that God is with me.

It was a prompt from God that healed me from a pain I had for too long dwelt on, felt deep inside my heart, and fears were based on it. Simply sending a text when told to, asking for a conversation, and receiving a well-timed response gave me the opportunity to heal, forgive, receive forgiveness, and critically to receive a friend back into my life.

Other things have happened like just getting up to pray for someone, sharing a word, and confirming a little girl in her own word from God. It is often so easy to overthink things, question what it would look like or if you have something to lose, that you miss the opportunity to just do something good.

I felt prompted to get a cup of tea for someone recently. I must confess that I overthought it: I wondered if I’d look like a goody-two-shoes, if I would distract her rather than help, if I should wait until near the end when doing something would be less visible. I waited too long. I know this because God decided to use someone else instead. I knew it immediately.

Sometimes acting quickly on what God is saying is vitally important. Of course there other occasions for preparations, for dwelling on a word, prayer and looking for wisdom in those around us. Other times the Holy Spirit is a wild goose – geese don’t wait and they are not slow.

You better keep up. God is moving!

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