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As part of my leaping into the unknown with Ceilidh & Cwtch, I also wanted to leave a day each week where I could explore some of my more academic leanings through artwork. This would mean going back to the methodology of myself as an A Level student and work gradually through a title and ideas until I decided on a final piece and a conclusion to the work I had done. I had deadlines, I had artist inspirations, and I had a ton of motivation because my brain works that way (one of the 2% that uses each side or my brain equally.. apparently).

The first time I did this academically, rather than just playing with aesthetics, is when I studied William Blake, the artist, poet, and visionary of the 19th century. Many thought he was crazy, but as I worked through his pieces and poetry, particularly those relating to the Biblical books of Revelation, Job and others, and even more specifically at the imagery of the Devil/Satan/the accuser etc, I learnt a huge amount and managed to piece together the first academic theological conclusion I ever came to. This was a huge push towards studying Theology when I landed in St Andrews and really helped me visually understand the theory and philosophy I would often be taught. I ended up producing two main final pieces, and an extra display of a prop I had made to use within them. The first was a transcription of The Red Dragon on a 8ft x 4ft board in acrylic, the second was a response to it where I looked further into Revelation to see what the angels had done in response to this devil – angelic armies almost blotted out the darkness of the dragon and declared a strength I had not often seen in angels. The extra piece was the wings that I had made out of feathers and wire hung on a black board.

There have often been subjects I have thought about in a visual manner and wished to study further, but without much time set aside to do this, and no theology-fine art courses that would allow me the freedom to try myself, this is how I will go about it from now on. As I don’t want to confuse the work of Ceilidh & Cwtch, the main updates of my work shall appear on this blog. Each Saturday will be my chance to really work out some of my ideas, and push them towards a response, honing skills and thought process so that maybe one day I will actually get back into academia in a more official way.

So what will my first project be? I think maybe Eden, more specifically a pre-fall Eve, and what that might teach a 21st century woman. I will update you as I think more about it, and suggest reading if you want to follow my progress along. First things first a brain storm.. although I heard something about that not being politically correct anymore..

Anyway, here is a little of what I did last time, just to make clear the muddle I’ve just written!

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