God Knows My Name, Beth Redman


1/52, 4th Jan 2014, Week 1

I’m a little ambivalent. God Knows My Name aims to be encouraging, comforting and honest about how life can be hard and how God treats us. Yet, I found it all a little simple – like so many other Christian life books. Very little was new, original or personally useful. Beth writes honestly with stories of her life and God’s truth in it all. The problem is that even the truth isn’t always interesting. It is extraordinarily hard to expound the truth of God’s love well and I am sure that this book will help and comfort many people, I’m just not sure I’m one of them.

An unfortunate pet peeve of mine that also rose to the surface while reading is the highly visible and obvious target audience: women. A stereotypical woman at that. With a heart beginning every chapter, the reader being referred to as “sista” as well as other overly familiar terms, I understood why it was unlikely a man might pick this up, but I also wondered why this target existed. Other than a few references to pregnancy, a large number of the stories and ideas are just as applicable to men, and so the book came across as pointlessly exclusive.

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